So, what’s the buzz about EO’s?



If you are like me, I had heard things about EO’s (essential oils), but never really took the time to dive into what they are and what they do until last October. I look back and wonder WHY it took me so long to jump on the oil bandwagon! These oils have amazing benefits!


Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona



The news, social media, massage parlors, hospitals, doctors’ offices, homes…you name a place and there is most likely an essential oil in some form around!




E11193260_416375485207861_7341127791789003420_nssential oils are highly concentrated, volatile extracts from plants, shrubs, flowers, fruit, trees, roots, or seeds.

They are distilled in a low pressure, low temperature environment preserving the fragile constituents of each pure essential oil. There are 4 main types of distillation and you can read more about them on the Young Living Blog.


What is an essential oil?


Each oil has different benefits such as enhancing mood, supporting wellness, maintaining healthy body systems, promoting relaxation, and so many other uses!

You can use these oils 3 different ways: Topically, Internally (only if indicated on bottle), and Aromatically.



I won’t go into detail for uses, but read more here -> Essential Oils 101


Not sure about a diffuser? Find out  Which Diffuser is Right for You?


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Once you get your starter kit, you will be amazed at how using these oils in your daily life can add so many benefits!!! Plus, you will have my support along with a great team to “get oily” with!




These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products, ideas, and techniques are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





Author: AmyLinnYoga

Christ follower, wife, nurse, fitness fanatic, yoga teacher, foodie, and Young Living Essential Oils distributor

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