setting goals and sweating goals

Do you ever wake up and tell yourself, “this is going to be a great day!” ? Oh, me too, but sometimes life gets in the way and there’s an immediate limit placed on your goal setting.

Maybe that’s why I am awake at 4 am writing…  Sometimes I feel there are so many things I want to do with my time, hardly anything seems to get accomplished. Yes, I am that list maker who makes lists about lists.

Carrying on, I made the commitment to myself that I will run at least 3 times a week since my husband and I have planned more half marathons next year beginning in February and I enjoy running. Monday morning goes by…I sleep past my alarm and no running happened. If you are a runner, you know that feeling.

I thought, ok Tuesday, I’ve got this. It comes…and goes without running. I also do yoga, so finding that balance between both can be cumbersome. I was happy I at least practiced yoga on Monday and Tuesday. I shared a mantra on Instagram that helped me during my run and encourage you to use it when you feel like quitting before you’re finished.


Finally, Wednesday morning I give myself a little “kick in the ass” and wake up earlier than usual to get in a run. I did it! Even though it was ‘only a 5k’, it was my fastest 5k in a while! It gave me great energy and I was happy that day ONE of my goal was complete; or at least started.  🙂

Thursday was more yoga; yay for stretching out those tight hamstrings!

Friday morning comes, I had set my alarm for a little earlier, and BAM! I wake up and get in another 5k! It was almost as fast, but I sure sweat just as hard. My smile was just as big as I knew I could check off day TWO. A great yoga teacher once said, “The best things in life make you sweat.” And…all the thoughts come in!  You’re welcome.

I once read that it takes 20 days to start a new habit. I already feel like I have a habit starting getting up a little earlier for exercise. According to the WHO, 1 in 4 adults around the globe aren’t active enough. Read more facts HERE, its a great read and will most likely give you incentive to exercise if you aren’t currently active. If anything, I am exercising to reduce my risk of disease and just feel good!  🙂

Happy Saturday friends! I am sending positive, active vibes your way for a great weekend! We are all given the same amount of time everyday; its what we decide to do with it that counts.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. -unk.

photo taken at Bedford High School in PA

Author: AmyLinnYoga

Christ follower, wife, nurse, fitness fanatic, yoga teacher, foodie, and Young Living Essential Oils distributor

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